“One of the most powerful B2B marketing systems to consistently deliver high quality sales leads. It's really not difficult, I find and develop relationships with people that truly need your products and services”

Sam Lutman-Pauc

“A powerful B2B lead generation system that uses multiple touch points to win new business”

If you market your business through multiple touch points to good clean data, decision makers that are exactly right for your products or services then the results are guaranteed and you will win new clients!

Step 1 – LinkedIn Data Building

“Creation of a LinkedIn profile to connect and send invitations out to key decision makers. People that are highly likely to want to do business with you and have an interest in your products or services. Invitations to connect are sent out daily at a rate of between 50-100 per day. I will target by geographic location, gender, age, company size and industry… to name but a few.”

Step 2 – Data Export and Cleaning

“Each month I will build around 300-500 new connections with exciting decision makers. The connections that I make within LinkedIn are exported every 3-4 weeks and then imported to my email marketing system. At this point the data is cleaned and prepared ready for an email campaign. All LinkedIn contacts are formatted to display full contact details including name, company name, position, industry, phone number and email.”

Step 3 – Powerful Email Campaign

“A stunning html email template will be designed to match your company branding and really present your products or services in a desirable way that simply shouts ‘you need me in your life’. Working with your company messaging, I will create powerful copy and content for the campaign and then send out the email to your LinkedIn database.”

Step 4 – Campaign Research and Analysis

“48-hours after the campaign is sent out, recipient activity is measured along with open rates and click through rates. From this analysis, a hot-list is created. The hot-list is basically all the recipients that have reacted to the campaign and either clicked a link or demonstrated a high level of interest (multiple campaign opens). “

Step 5 – Follow Up Email To Hot-Leads

“A 2nd email campaign is sent to the hot-list presenting your company products or services. Multiple touch points are required to engage and convert a recipient. All campaigns are hard-hitting, we want to excite rather than cause the recipient to switch off.”

Step 6 – High Quality Sales Leads

“Following the 2nd campaign, a definitive list of hot-leads is built, these are people that we know are interested in your products or services and are ready to receive a phone call to close the deal. I will call the decision maker on your behalf to qualify and quantify their requirements before handing the lead over to you or your sales team.”

Sam Lutman-Pauc

Founder & Director

Hello I’m Sam, former director of two highly successful digital marketing agencies and specialist in lead generation through social media. My strengths and passion are supporting companies increase sales through the implementation and management of a powerful B2B marketing system.

As a freelance marketing specialist, I only ever work with a maximum of 5 clients to ensure sufficient time is allocated to you and your business.

My skills are incredibly diverse, from social media to business strategy, sponsorship negotiation and event management. In addition to Lost Social Media I also run a UK series of fully off-road triathlons in partnership with Mitsubishi Motors UK.
If you are looking for some really clever ideas to rapidly increase sales and grow your business then please get in touch for a chat.

"Clients just love the simplicity and power of this lead generation system..."

“Sam is the chemistry that binds our business. It is thanks to his support that our brand and business has grown consistently each month.”

Jenny Simons
Founder, The Link Foundation

“Clarity, consistency and a high level of support. This is the most effective B2B lead generation tool I have ever used and has shown a high ROI.”

Jack Bradley
Director, Landlock

“Sam has provided invaluable support to our business and thanks to this support we have seen a significant increase in patient bookings.”

Jessica Smith
Director, Quay Consultants

“It doesn’t matter what your product or business service is. No matter who your target audience is I will track, locate, connect with and increase your sales leads consistently each month…”

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